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i <3 emo :)

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Welcome to my site!

What's up? I'm Sara and this be my website!!

My website is just a buch of cool stuff. I promise! :)

My music.

I like lots of music. but, mostly rock.

~..~ -3CE ~A~ -AC/DC -AFI -Aiden -All American Rejects -Amber G -Anthrax -Anti-flag -Ashlee Simpson ~B~ -the Black Eyed Peas -Blink 182 -Blondie -Bowling for Soup -the Bravery ~C~ -CKY -the Cure ~D~ -the Detroit Cobras -Disturbed -the Doors -the Dream Within ~E~ -Eminem -Evenecense ~F~ -Fall Out Boy -Fastlane -February -Flyleaf -From First to Last ~G~ -Godsmack -Good Charlotte -Gorillaz -GREEN DAY -Guns n Roses -Gwen Stefani ~H~ -Hilary Duff -HIM ~I~ -Incubus -Iron Maiden ~J~ -Jimmy Eat World ~K~ -Kanye West -Kelly Clarkson -the Killers -Kittie -Korn ~L~ -Lennex ~M~ -Manhattan at Dawn -Marcy Playground -Marilyn Manson -the Mercy Kiss -Missy Elliot -MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE ~N~ -Nirvana -No Doubt ~O~ -OK Stranger ~P~ -Panic! at the Disco -Papa Roach -Pearl Jam -Pink -the Pixies ~R~ -the Ramones -the Red Hot Chili Peppers -Roanoke -Rora -the Rolling Stones ~S~ -Simple Plan -Smashing Pumpkins -Strike Fire Fall -Stroke 9 -Switchfoot -System of a Down ~T~ -Taking Back Sunday -TaTu -Teddy Giger -Theodore Grimm ~U~ -Underoath -the Used ~V~ -the Veronicas


Please be sure to get in touch and let me know what you think of my site.